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Park Rental

Park and Gazebo rental agreement information located in the Documents. All income from park rental goes directly to the HOA.

Blocking Public Right of Way

Do not leave basketball hoops, skateboard ramps, or other sporting equipment in public streets or in locations that block sidewalks. They constitute traffic and pedestrian hazards and prevent emergency services from responding in a timely manner.

Parking and Street Cleaning

Do not park on the side of streets with posted no parking signs. Emergency services cannot reach homes if both sides of the streets are blocked.

Clean Water Services sweeps the streets, but that cannot do so if cars are parked on the wrong side of the street or the trees are not trimmed to a height of 12 feet.


The CC&Rs require each owner to maintain the exterior of your home, which protects the property values. Take a moment to look around your house and see what needs attention.

Standard lot homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks and park strip landscape (trees).

Carriage Collection homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks but not for park strip landscape (trees) or front or side yards that face a street. The maintenance of carriage lot yards (both front and side if facing a street) including the park strip and its landscape (both front and sides if facing a street) are the responsibility of the HOA.

Removing Trees

If you want to remove a park strip tree as a standard lot homeowner you need to fill out a city application and get their approval. Applications are available at the Banks City Hall, during normal business hours, or online at

From the City of Banks, select City Services > Permits, License & Forms > Parks > Tree Removal & Replacement Application. Print the form and submit it to the City for review.

Carriage owners cannot remove trees from the park strip or yards (both front and sides if facing a street) without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee and the City of Banks.