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Community Association Partners (CAP) maintains the records and is the management company for Arbor Village Homeowners Association. CAP is responsible for all billing and accounting. Please remit payments to CAP directly. Contact CAP with questions about payments or records. 

The Arbor Village property manager, through CAP, is Quantae Cole. You can contact CAP (ArborVillage HOA Management) from this site, or reach Quantae using one of the following methods:
Arbor Village HOA
c/o CA Partners
PO Box 3460
Portland, OR 97208
“Community Association Partners, LLC. has one simple goal, ‘To make a difference in the industry by setting a higher standard of management.’
Finding the right management company is difficult, that’s why at Community Association Partners we base our core values on communication, openness, education and trust. Values that help establish us immediately as a member of the HOA team. By working along side the HOA board as partners, we can help build a strong sense of community, increase property values, and enhance community liability.”